Cup, Shield and Plate Rules 16/17





1...If there is a clash of colours the home team must change.


2...Home teams must provide 2 footballs at games.


3...Both teams must provide 2 footballs at Cup and Shield finals


4...The competitions are run on a home and away basis


5…If the competition game is level after the second leg then away goals count.


6… If the second leg game is still level after count of away goals then it goes to extra time if still level after extra time then the Penalty Rule is used.


7…If still level after the required penalties then it goes to sudden death.


8…All games must finish on the day of the second leg.


9…In small sided games extra time is 5 minutes each way.


10…In 11 a side games extra time is 10 minutes each way.


11…In small sided games 5 penalties from 10 yards.


12…In 11 a side games 5 penalties from 12 yards. 


13…Match Official fees for finals will be paid by the League.


14…Clubs failing to fulfil cup or shield fixtures when published will be fined and the game will be awarded to their opposition.


15…In Finals if there is a clash of colours a toss of a coin will decide who gets the   choice. Both teams must bring a change strip.


16…Where possible 3 match officials will be used.


17...Clubs with multiple teams at any age group please note players can only play with the team they are registered with.